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Posted by terry on Dec 6, 2004


I've assembled several boats from plans, but not a CH 17. Maybe check the plan measurements carefully and also call or e-mail CLC to see if there is an error in the plans. It has happend before.

I assume that this "gap" you mentioned is the measurement from the baseline to the bottom edge of each panel at each station.

I have built a 16 LT and 17LT, very similar boats, as well as 14s. I do recall that the bottom panel plan drawings show the bottom edge (keel edge) of each bottom panel touching the baseline at the ends, but not near the middle of the panel. This slight deviation from the baseline allows the panels to bend slightly when stitched-up to give the keel line some upward curve or "rocker." It does not sound like your bottom panels are cut like this. So, as I said, maybe look into it with CLC.

You can always drill your stitck holes and wire up just the keel, then unfold the panels to see how the keel line looks. Slight bumps and hallows in the keel line are normal and can be corrected by fiddling with the wire, planing and/or shaving wood with a cutter knife or inserting small strips of wood prior to gluing.

Good luck.


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