panels cut - is it ready

Posted by ray on Dec 6, 2004


this is a difficult one to expain. This weekend i have cut out the hull panels for a ch17. While I am happy that curves are identical, fair etc, i do have a nagging concern that is preventing me from continuing. Explaining it is the difficult bit. Here goes

The plans show that the bottom panels have a gap of an eighth of an inch in the middle and at each end of the bottom hull panels ( This measurement is the height above the baseline). At stations 2,3,4 & 13,14 this gap increases to three sixteenths of an inch. This would suggest to me that if you lay the cut out panels alongside each other that they should meet in the midlle (between station 6 and 12) and at each end (station 1,2 & 15,16). It would follow that the only gaps should be at stations where the measurement is three sixteenths (2,3,4,13,14). My problem is that this does not happen.

When the bottom panels lay alongside each other station 10 seems to stop the panels from meeting at all points where I think they should. The solution looks easy - Plane a little timber off at this station. My question is should i plane a sixteenth of an inch off to make the panels meet? I am concerned that i may be creating problems before i start stitching. Alternatively I may be mis-reading the plans


all the best ray