Re: A case for a brace

Posted by LeeG on Nov 20, 2004

Lloyd,,, Thinking about your thumb,,this happened while getting scrambled to the beach? My brother and I took a surf class twelve yrs ago,,this was with sit-ons in Bolinas Ca. While the instructor was taking us through stretching, warming up my brother says,,"why the hell are we doing this,I'm starting to scare the **** of of myself",,I said, "cuz we didn't do it as kids?" The energy level in the water is substantially different in a two foot wave than a one foot wave,,there are some things you gotta get down before getting in surf. I've helped to put on a couple surf zone workshops and noticed a couple things,,for some folks with a marginal forward stroke it's just too taxing to get out if there's any mixed up water, side current, after that if the person is used to turning simply by paddling harder on one side in flat water it doesn't work too well when the demands are greater. Regarding us seasoned folks past the age of flexible connective tissue it's not worth risking damage just to get out,,one fellow tore something in his shoulder just paddling hard out through the surf. He was an intermediate paddler,,just wasn't in shape for the exertion. What kayak are you using?

In Response to: A case for a brace by Lloyd on Nov 19, 2004