Re: Surf Kayak .. not

Posted by Mac on Nov 21, 2004

"... as an opportunity to see wildlife."

I've canoed for years, and kayaked for one season. I've seen more deer, moose, wolves, bears, geese, ducks, loons, beaver, otter, muskrat, herons, turtles, hawks and kingfishers this summer than I ever have in my canoe. The critters just don't seem to be afraid of someone sitting so low in the water.

I'm building a kayak for my wife this winter largely because I'm so frustrated that I can't share these encounters with her when in a canoe, boat or paddleboat.

The MC15 shot of the lady with the binoculars says it all.

In Response to: Surf Kayak .. not by Lloyd on Nov 20, 2004