A case for a brace

Posted by Lloyd on Nov 19, 2004

Sunday I was beaten up because I did the equivalent of skiing downhill before knowing how to stop.

I took a class, Surf Zone II, at Monterey. I had signed up for SZI, but the class was canceled when I was the only one who showed.

First, I learned why one doesn't get between a kayak and the beach (on those occasions when the two of you separate). A few bruises were all I paid for that.

Second I learned that I should have been very comfortable and instinctive with a high brace as about half of the time on coming in my bow turned and I was rolled over. At least I was attempting the brace though, so when I rolled over I had the boat between me and the beach. I did advance to that skill level and got good at going over and wet exiting quickly enough to let the boat go.

The worst that happened to me was early in the lesson when I had my hand pinned between the paddle and the boat. I could feel my thumb getting close to breaking. It was likely then that I pulled hard enough to wrench my shoulder.

This weekend I'll work on bracing in flat water, but I'm looking forward to my next surf experience.

All this so I can join groups chasing whales in January.

Why have I given up golf at fifty-six to do this?



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