Re: which came first

Posted by J.Schott on Oct 25, 2004

Forget trying to spray. I'm assuming you are going to use brightsides poly paint. I tried to spray mine, and it was the most frustrating thing I have ever tried to do with the kayaks. No matter what I did all I got was orange peel or sags. Stick with the tried and true "roll and tip" method. I thin mine almost to the maximum allowable amount and add 3 oz of penetrol to every 12 oz of paint. By doing that and taking your time, everyone will think you sprayed. As far as paint or varnish first, I would paint first. That way it is "easy" to tape off the paint because the line is easy to see. Then once you add the varnish, the paint line will level with the varnish. Thats my $.02. Now back to the garage to continue sanding off the crappy spray job I did last spring.

In Response to: Re: which came first by Terry Mcadams on Oct 25, 2004