Re: which came first

Posted by Howard on Oct 25, 2004


being a tad lazy..i varnish, then paint.

here's how i see it... can paint over can't varnish over paint.

2nd...if you drip paint on varnish...its very easy to wipe off cleanly..doesn't work so well if you get paint on a sanded deck.

so what i do is varnish the entire deck...let it dry (4 to 5 days in the hot sun) then lay down the fineline tape to get my paint line...rough up the varnish with some 3M pad...and then paint.

it leaves a little edge when you pull the tape off...but looks pretty clean in my book.

(by the way...the reason for the long dry time is that both paint and varnish, even though dry to the touch, takes a while to really harden. so if you don't let it harden, you may see marks from your sawhorse or whatever you used to support the boat on a freshly painted or varnished surface that was not totally hard)


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