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Posted by Terry Mcadams on Oct 25, 2004

I'll leave the sprayer comments to the others that use them. My cat sprays enough as it is.

On the painting. I mask off the deck with 3M fineline and paint the hull. (I rub down with the 3m fine nylon pads between coats as I'm too lazy to wetsand). Then I remove the fineline. I let the paint cure for a few days in the sun (or indoors if it's cold outside). Then I use a clean new roll of 3M slow release (not sure of the name, but it's blue) and carefully mask along the paint edge. I then roll down this edge hard with a wallpaper roller. Then I put on four coats of varnish, lift off the tape and go over the whole boat with boat polish.

Why, one may ask, don't I use the fineline over the paint? Well, as I've said before on this forum, fineline can lift finish. Even the tech staff at 3M told me not to leave it on overnight, in heat, sun or apply it on uncured paint.


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