Re: Safe handling epoxy/g

Posted by Michelle Moran on Sep 3, 2004

OK, I guess you really do wear gloves. I am now the proud owner of a box of 50 latex gloves which should at least get me through the weekend. And I will no longer work in shorts and a t-shirt -- it's long sleeves and jeans for me. Fortunately, I've just epoxied the scarf joints and the inwales, neither of which were messy, so I haven't had much ungloved exposure. I've had severe systemic allergic reactions to bee stings and penicillin and have absolutely no desire to develop a third area of reactivity.

Two more questions: (1) Why eye protection? Just to keep you from touching your eyes without thinking? and (2)When is epoxy officially cured enough to be safe to touch?

Thanks for the information. It's nice to not have to learn everything the hard way.


In Response to: Safe handling epoxy/glass by Michelle Moran on Sep 1, 2004