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Posted by FrankP on Sep 2, 2004

As everyone else has said, definitely wear gloves when handling wet/curing epoxy. And long sleeves, my forearms look like I roll around in poison ivy EVERY time I use epoxy now, because I got them coated pretty good ONCE. So now I have to wear long sleeves and wrap my forearms in saranwrap to keep that from happening.

When sanding, it's best to use a mask or respirator anyway, whether working with epoxy or not. I personally use the 2/$6 surgical mask looking things.

Wear eye protection, and cover your hair if it's long. I don't know how much epoxy was wasted on my hair, but it was more than it should've been.

The one thing I haven't seen mentioned is Vinegar. Use this to clean the epoxy off of you when you do get works very well. It's also good for cleaning squeegees and such.


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