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Posted by CARL on Sep 2, 2004

It sure seems that this topic sure generates a lot of emotion. I have built a Jimmy with my daughter and have used epoxy and glass as the main component for a girls high school electric race car team. Safety for me has become primary with the girls. (I am very sensitive to solvents ever since the State of Hawaii decided to poison the workers in one of their buildings) It is a standard rule for us that all epoxy work is done outside (covered area) and all mixers use masks,, eye protection and gloves. If anyone gets any epoxy on themselves theyimmediately remove their gloves and go to the adjacent bathroom where we keep a gallon jug of vinigar.

Vinigar works the best of getting the stuff off and time is the best for lessening reactions. so far I am the only sensitive person around the epoxy.

sanding is done outside and with full dust protection for the team.


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