Re: Decisions, Decisions

Posted by J.Schott on Aug 4, 2004

What is a point bennett? Haven't heard of that one yet. I like the reviews and the hull of the Night Heron, but I've never liked the multi-panel decks. Something about the curve of a cambered deck really appeals to me, thats why I chose the ch17 over the Pygmy line. Nothing agianst them, I just like the curves of a clc deck versus the angular lines of the multi-paneled decks. I'm starting to lean toward a North Bay or a very modified ch-17 design. I am thinking of narrowing the beam by 2 inches and lowering the deck by at least 1 inch and leaving the the aft deck flat like the LT to lower it on my back for rolling. I'm pushing the limits as far as weight on the North Bay at 205lbs, maybe if I build it I'll be more motivated to loose a few pounds. I would like to paddle one before I commit to it. I might have to be "sick" one day and take a road trip to CLC to try one out.

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