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Posted by FrankP on Aug 5, 2004

Where are you located? I'll be finished with my NorthBay pretty soon (just hatches, foot pegs and varnish left) and I've made some simple mods that will make it easier to fit in--no deck beam, slightly higher front deck (1/4") etc. Also the NB at the CLC showroom doesn't have a skeg, which I personally highly recommend. Lots of weathercocking without it. Completely controllable in calm weather through paddling, but I think the skeg will be nice to have. (I haven't paddled one with a skeg.)

They also have a NorthBay XL which is slightly higher volume to accomodate larger paddlers but I believe it only comes as plans, which apparently won't be a problem for you. Making a completely flat back deck I think is a good idea. The 60" radius on the NorthBay is almost flat anyway, but just dropping that extra little bit would be a good mod.

By the way, I'm 6'1" 170ish and the NorthBay is a great fit. If you're going to come down for a demo day, let me know and I'll try and bring my boat to it as well, so you can compare with and without skeg etc...


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