Re: Decisions, Decisions

Posted by J.Schott on Aug 6, 2004

Thanks Frank, I'm in N.C. for now. Hopefully we will be back in V.A. for good by the end of the year. I may try to make one of the demo nights this month, I really do want to try the N.B. for myself. Now that I've had my ch17 for a year now I want to take things to the next level with a more performance oriented boat. I checked out the point bennett, it's along the lines of what I'm looking for. I'm about 20 lbs heavy for it though. The deck has a neat profile to it. My wife was not too thrilled when I told her that I wanted to spend the money on a new boat, so I'm going to take the economical route. I'm going to modify my ch17 plans to fit my wish list and make a foam board mock up so I can see it before I build it.

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