Building a paddle

Posted by Gober on Jul 28, 2004

I am just about to begin building a MC 13, I almost have all the materials. So I thought while I was waiting on the last of the material to arrive; I would build a paddle to sharpen up my wood working skills and get my tools in shape. I am building the paddle in Nick Schade's book. In the book he uses Spruce for the shaft but all the spruce I found was knotty so I found some cedar that I think will work. Does anyone see a problem using cedar for the shaft? The blades are Walnut/Poplar/Maple/Polar/Walnut. I also have a question about the blade width. The books says the blanks should be 3 3/4 inches tall, then its joined to the shaft which is 1 1/2 tall giving a center line width of 4 1/2 inches tall. The offset show a maximum finished width of 3.61 off of center line. What happens to end piece of Walnut, do I cut it off or widen the blade? Any ideas or suggestions?