MC 16.5 launched

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Jul 20, 2004

Well, we finally launched the 16.5 we putzed around building last fall/winter/spring (throw in summer, and we'd have a Howdy Doody princess).

It's slow, particularly into the wind, turns sluggishly and is a tough carry. The wide cockpit also makes for a wetter ride for the stern paddler from the paddle drips(probably need longer paddles). Beam seas tend to splash into the cockpit, so you miss a skirt. But it is stable, nice to look at and should hold a heap of gear for camping.

Can't say I regret building it, as I've yet to sail it, which I'll do next trip if I can get the sail rig set up.

As we speak, a professional builder is using the boat up at our cottage in Nova Scotia. I'll pass on any comments he may offer.

Now I have to finish those two half-scale Chesapeake models I've neglected since March.