MC 16.5, plenty of fun

Posted by Nancy on Jul 20, 2004

I have been paddling and sailing my MC 16.5 this past year with few complaints - mainly those darned power boats coming in too close and fast for another look at my beautiful kayak. I agree thats its a bit heavy - but then again its a 2 seater, so 2 people are there to help put it up on the car rack and get it back down. Once its in the water though, its a lot of fun, particularly fishing the flats. Kind of wish I'd put in the see through porthole - then I'd venture over the coral beds which aren't too far offshore. I would advise a deliberate capsizing, so you learn how to get back in - with 2 people one can clamber over the side while the other holds the boat steady from the opposite side if you tie a foothold rope from the opposite side - I cut a 2" hole through the kneebraces for this purpose (and to store the fishing rods). Forget bailing with a handpump - that thing's a bathtub! now I carry a collapsable bucket (like the kind they sell in campstores) plus the handpump, but the bucket is better, down to the last inch or so. I think the rudder was a fine idea - I'm building a CH17lt right now without one, and wonder if I'll remember how to paddle without!

In Response to: Re: MC 16.5 questions by Terry Mcadams on Jul 20, 2004