Re: MC 16.5, plenty of fu

Posted by Dave on Jul 20, 2004

We love our MC 16.5 but I know better than to interfere with a lover's spat: human-human or human-boat. So you're on your own, Terry. As to our own love affair: After some practice and fiddling with trim, seat positions and height, the craft seems quite maneuverable to us. Don't want a rudder, motor, sails, or any more moving parts. Piece of cake to load/unload solo with that flat bottom; one has only has to heft 30 pounds at a time by sliding it up/down from the rear. I guess after I leave my present seventh decade or break a vital body part, I'll launch her from a trailer. I often fish and paddle solo and find it easy to maneuver from the rear seat pushed forward for a good trim. I use the "Wheel-away" cart (gives over 16" clearance from ground to boat bottom) now sold by CLC, to negotiate some steep, rocky slopes alone (but help is always welcome). Agree with Nancy on dumping it for practice. That's a lot of water to clear from a big cockpit and two-person coordination in the self rescue (as well as paddling) requires practice. See Ralph Diaz' book on inflatable boats like folboats with a nice chapter on paddling double. Beautiful boat. I enjoy showing her off and life is good on the water. Dave

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