Re: mustard consistency m

Posted by Steve Miller on Jul 14, 2004

The trick to telling if its the right consistancy is to pull some out of your mixing cup with your mixing stick. Hang the blob over your cup.

Does it run and drip readily? add more thickener

Does it just stay on the stick and not move at all? too thick

Does it slowly ooze down off the stick? just right! Test by spreading some. I think Elmers glue not mustard is better for the image.

Really, if you precoat the joints (all of them on your kayak!!) with unthickened epoxy so the wood can soak it up, then coat (just one side) with thickened goo you can hardly go wrong.

As the others have said, it takes a lot of cabosil. I also add it slowly to mixes. By the time you have the sheer clamps on you will have the mixing down. Not to worry!

Since you will likely ask in a week or so about mixing for fillets I check it this way: add thickener just to what looks right for glue, then add one more unit of cabosil (or wood flour). Now Check by spreading it around the sides of your mixing cup. Does it sag? No? Perfect - go fillet.

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