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Posted by Steve Miller on Jul 14, 2004

One other point to add to the earlier comments on mix ratio is mixing time. 2 minutes minimum for any batch. I actually like 3 minutes for epoxy to use for coating but do 2 minutes for mixes to get thickener since I will need to mix that in too. Use a watch or clock. 2 minutes seems a very long time after the 100th batch. Epoxy must be mixed well.

I dispense my resin now from a plastic ketsup bottle - the aftermarket kind not a washed out Heintz bottle. First I pump some hardner into the cup. Not by # of pumps so much as by how much I'll need. Then I weigh the cup. If its 12 grams then I know I need 24 grams of resin or a total weight of 36 grams. I drizzle the resin into the cup while I watch the scale (digital). Exact every time. Of course I do zero the scale with the empty cup on it first but I also know by now that the cups I use weigh 8.7 grams so even if I screw up I can still know where I am.

If you ever loose count on your measuring a batch just suck up and throw it out. No need worrying about the ratio all night.....

Another reason to mix small batches.

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