Re: Greenland Style Paddl

Posted by Don on Jul 3, 2004

You will hear many conflicting opinions and experiences between the two styles of paddles but the only way to find out if you will like a greenland paddle is to give it a try. My first experiences with the greenland paddle were not good. It felt funny and was harder to use than my euro paddle. In my desire to learn more rolls and try to find out more about the benifits of a greenland paddle I have used it exclusively this year. It took time to get the feel of the paddle and learn how to use it properly. Now when I paddle with a euro paddle it just doesn't feel right. Useing the greenland has opened up a new world of skills and challenges that has enhanced my kayaking skills. The only time I might pick up a euro paddle again is when I'm surfing. There cheap and easy to make. There are many styles out there that paddle differently so don't give up because one style doesn't feel right. They are easy to try and give up on, but once your over the hump you might really like it.

In Response to: Greenland Style Paddle by Lloyd on Jul 2, 2004