Re: Greenland Style Paddl

Posted by Don on Jul 4, 2004

I use a storm paddle for my extra paddle. They are shorter than the regular greenland paddle and can be stored on the rear deck in one peice. Here is a link for more information on greenland kayaking equipment. My kayak has a low rear deck so I don't need a paddle float for reentry. I place the paddle under the rear deck bungees sticking out perpindicular to the boat and the paddle alone gives me plenty of support. This support that the greenland paddle offers is a great benifit during paddleing, sculling, rolling, reentry or just casual sightseeing. Getting the proper instructions and training will greatly enhance the many uses of the greenland paddle. If you have an opertunity to go to a kayak symposium where greenland kayaking techniques will be taught it would be a good investment.

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