Posted by Dave Grainger on Jun 14, 2004

I couldn't figure out from the website how to submit a photo of my new boat, so I'm putting it here. It's a Pax 18 from a kit that I modified. I brought the bow out to a point, and added 1 1/2 inches to the sheer forward to increase performance in head and following seas. I radically changed the deck, and made it out of Divinycell foam core glassed with 4oz. cloth in epoxy on both sides. The cockpit is also completely different and is designed for the legs-free racing forward stroke. I CAN roll the boat, as there is just enough deck to hook my knees under, but the boat will not roll if I try to right it without hooking in my knees, so I have to hang upside down, grab the coaming on both sides, and position my knees under the deck before initiating the roll. I made the boat for ocean racing, and have won my class in the first 2 races I entered - the first was the masters division of the 'Paddle the Bay' race in Narragansett Bay, RI (6 miles); and the second was the sea kayak class of the Glasgo Pond 'Spring Fling' (7 1/2 mi.) Thanks for a great design with the radically flared topsides amidships!