Re: CPax

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 14, 2004

Now THAT'S an interesting post -- thanks, Dave! Racers *always* have a mean curve ball to throw to the rest of us.

Please feel free to brag a little more, if you wish. For instance, I'd like to know what the statement 'cockpit is also completely different and is designed for the legs-free racing forward stroke' means (I don't even know what a 'draw' is, although I probably do it just the same...). From studying the excellent photo, your Pax appears to have an ocean cockpit, and why your knees aren't already in place for a roll eludes me. Also, what does the boat weigh, and what kinda boats-and-paddlers are you competing against? Do the races you getcherself in take a ton of training?

But don't make it sound like *too* much fun. I don't think I need to get interested in racing just now...

Cheers, Kurt

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