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Posted by LeeG on Jun 14, 2004

racing technique assumes a person is skilled enough to not require legs rotated out and under thigh braces to control the kayak. Look at 17" wide surf-skis that tip over if you look at them wrong. Racing boats are steered/tracked by rudders as the parameters for speed remove a lot of handling attributes possible in shorter/slower no rudder designs. Look at all the racing kayaks out there,,they have racing rudders. The Sealine is the first "touring" rudder that works well for extreme designs. There were simple flip up aluminum plate rudders on surfskis decades ago. Highest horsepower paddling requires a knees up posture just like bike racing requires drop bar positions for maximum power transmission. You won't find mtn bike bars in the Tour de France,,you won't find white water like thigh bracing in flat water sprints or surfskis. Racing "sea kayaks" like the ones from West Side boat shop or Neckys Phantom have the provision for knees up paddling. The Pax18 is nearly straight keeled and doesn't weathercock,,a skeg isn't needed. A rudder is. If you go back to the promotional pictures of the Pax18 Lloyd Reeves made theres a racing rudder and the bow comes together without the flat bow plate. Dang Dave, you should have been there four years ago, the Pax18 would have looked totally different!

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