Re: PFD Recomendations

Posted by Laszlo on Jun 14, 2004


I'm very happy with my Mustang Air Force Manual Inflator. Picture can be found at:

BTW, I have never actually dealt with LRSE, they're just the first ones I've found with a picture.

It's incredibly comfortable to the point where sometimes I forget to take it off until the middle of the drive home. Absolutely no restrictions on arm movement, plenty of ventilation on a hot day.

It is inflated from a CO2 bottle with a single pull of a lanyard. If for some reason that is not possible, it can also be orally inflated.

The major downside vs a "normal" PFD is that it's like a parachute, it requires a conscious decision to deploy it. If you become unconscious, befuddled or injured before it gets inflated, it may not get inflated at all. But for the kind of paddling I do, that's very unlikely and an acceptable risk offset by the fact that I am never tempted to get into a boat without it because it's uncomfortable. Other boaters have to make their own decisions.

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In Response to: PFD Recomendations by Karl on Jun 13, 2004