Re: Long/Short Inflatable

Posted by Dave on Jun 14, 2004

We went for standard kayak pfds. (took some shopping to find the Stohhlqist to fit the womanly woman in my life) Hot days aren't normally a problem at this high altitude and it's nice to be all rigged to go with safety gear attached. However, I've used inflatables for years, sailing and diving, and find them most reliable, having popped a few co2 cylinders and trying the oral inflation for tests, if one does the simple maintenance required. One big advantage of inflatables as pointed out by Laszlo and Kurt is that they are more comfortable. One is more likely to wear one 100 per cent, hot day or cold. Another advantage is that 35 lbs inflation beats 16 pounds. Still I'm sticking with the standard rig. Dave

In Response to: Re: Long/Short Inflatable by Kurt Maurer on Jun 14, 2004