Need Help Flush Hatches

Posted by Travis Allen on Jun 10, 2004

Im Building A WR 180, I chose the no nail method on the deck... we will see... still have to take all the packaging tape off. (Anyone put a bead of epoxy on the deck on the inside to help strengthen it? Highly considering it.) My dad and I started building kayaks when I was in High School. Now I will be a junior in college and have taken up the task of building one on my own due to him being overseas due to being called to active duty.

I need advice or the "tips and tricks" and advice or suggestions on flush mount hatches. I dont want to use CLC's kit because ya its flush, but there is still mounting pieces on the surface, the only thing I want to show is the gap between the hatch and the deck on the deck. Sounds kind of confusing but I think you know what I mean.

So all I can say now is... Help!