Re: Need Help Flush Hatch

Posted by Dave Houser on Jun 10, 2004

When you do your end pours you have a chance to add a coat of epoxy to the inside corner between the deck and the shear clamps. Instead of putting the kayak straight on end, lean it over more about 45 degrees with one shear clamp down toward the ground. Mix and pour half of the epoxy on the deck/clamp joint just below your bulkhead and let it run down the full length of the inside corner of the seam and pool in the end. After it sets, a couple hours, rotate the kayak so the other shear is down and mix the other half of epoxy and run it down the 2nd shear/clamp joint into the same end. You will have a much smaller end pour since much of the stem is excluded from the end pour. The portion of the stem exclude from the end pour should already be glass taped on the inside from joining the hulls.

Leidy Lids

In Response to: Need Help Flush Hatches by Travis Allen on Jun 10, 2004