Re: Need Help Flush Hatch

Posted by Tony Calvert on Jun 11, 2004

Hi Mac,

Hatches are great, took my kayak to the local pool last Wednesday spent 1 1/2hrs practicing my newly learned roll (Can do it everytime in a whitewater boat but still at 50% in the CH16).

The kayak was upside down for a considerable time mainly with me dragging it to the edge of the pool(I'm excellent at wet exits) and I ended up with about 2 cups of water in the front compartment and probably a cup in the back. Not perfect but I think that it is acceptable.

It's winter here so getting out has been a matter of picking the right days and I haven't considered taking a camera with me but will do it next time and pick an interesting spot for a few shots. I am impressed with the kayaks so far, they are very stable, seem to be quite fast compared to the plastic boats I have paddled in the past.

I'm enjoying having a couple of kayaks in the garage and every time I take them out I spend 15 minutes before and after the paddle answering questions from people that come up to look at them.

Cheers Tony

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