shearwater 16 hybrid - strip deck

Does anyone know if it is OK to stain the strips before laying them down? There aren't enough dark ones for the design I would like to do. also, the plans indicate that the cockpit apron is supposed to lay down on the tmep cockpit deck form, but it doesn't fit. The cockpit coming does, so which is correct? All of the drawings show it should be the apron. Appreciate any input. Denise

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RE: shearwater 16 hybrid - strip deck

I have not tried staining. But Nick Schade uses Behlen's Solar Lux stains with good results. The Petrel pictured on this site is supposedly stained with that stain. The stain must be a water based one. Oil based stains are not compatible with epoxy.

You would want to use the cockpit apron which has knee braces at about 10 and 2 o'clock. I'm not sure why it wouldn't fit to the cockpit forms? Perhaps you can post a picture?

You had asked in another post about how to run the strips. They should be cut to fit up against the edge of the cockpit apron with the ends glued to the apron in a manner such that you can sand them down flush with the top of the apron and have a smooth transition there.

Maybe post a  picture of the problem with the apron.

Good luck,


Ogata, eric

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