Dory reef points

What would you recommend as reef points/system for the Northeastern Dory?

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RE: Dory reef points

You'd need to add a halyard and some sort of track or hoops system so that the mainsail can be lowered.  Add a row of reef points parallel to the boom and you're there.  That would be a worthwhile tweak for that boat.

RE: Dory reef points

I need to build a reefing system for my dory also.  I found wooden mast hoops at  Those, and halyard should work.  Now I need to learn how to attach

the hoops and make reef points. 


RE: Dory reef points

$20 for each wooden mast hoop?  Ouch! I think I'll make my own.  I'm almost done making a wooden mast for my PMD and need wooden hoops for it.



RE: Dory reef points

Beads and Toggle for Mainsail

I saw this as an alternative to tying the mainsail to the mast, before comitting to the sail upgrade package. I am not using this on my NE Dory, but seemed like an improvement over the stock solution that would permit raising and lowering the sail.

RE: Dory reef points

Hi Guys, hoops won't work unless you have a gaff rig, use a track. CLC sells track, look under sail gear in the products section. SEEYA Jack

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