Hydrotek Ply

Hey out there, my local supplier is out of Okoume Ply but is carrying Hydrotek Bs 1088 ply. Does anyone have any first hand info on this Ply? I'm curious about weight differences ( if it's heavier than Okoume)

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RE: Hydrotek Ply

Hydrotek is Meranti, so it will be heavier, but also a bit tougher and more rot resistant (not really issues when fiberglass is also used). It's a pale color, and doesn't have as nice a grain as okoume - if you can, go through the stack and find the prettiest ones, and then be prepared to stain it (assuming you want to finish it bright).

I built a kayak out of this, though only that one time. Okoume is better for a kayak or canoe, IMO.

Good luck!

Dave Gentry

RE: Hydrotek Ply

I had a local supplier, but found that ordering from CLC was cheaper, even after shipping. Of course there  was a sweet spot - one sheet may not be cheaper. But it was not many. I think tax came into play as well - I would haev had to pay tax local but CLC is out of state. They do a great job of packing and shipping.


John H. (no, not that John H.)

RE: Hydrotek Ply

I've had nothing but trouble with the quality of Hydrotek.  Just crumbles in your hands sometimes.  The good sheets are very good, but you can't tell the difference between the good ones and the bad ones until you cut into it or until you're boat starts delaminating. 

RE: Hydrotek Ply

John, Wow thanks for the heads up. I will stick with Okoume which I have worked with before. that's amazing. I live in the San Jaun Island area and will just drive over to Edensaw woods in Prt Townsend and get it from them, plus it's a pretty drive.


RE: Hydrotek Ply

Edensaw delivers for free, all around the area - give them a call.

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