artic hawk photos

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RE: artic hawk photos

Steve, New Orleans makes sense... lots of Bourgeois there!

Awesome kayak, by the way - the finish is amazing!!!  Is it painted?  Varnished?  Or something else?  Whatever it is, it's a great looking boat.  Do the bungee chords on the front go directly into the deck?  I'm still wrestling with how to attach those when I finally get there.

Very nice job, all the way around.  I  hope mine's half as attractive as yours is!


RE: artic hawk photos

It is painted with interlux brightside black with gray cockpit and stripe. The bungees are snaked through small holes drilled in the deck and knoted under deck. Thanks so much for the thumbs up yours also looks great, good luck with the rest of it.

RE: artic hawk photos

I'm not usually a fan of painted wooden kayaks, but yours looks amazing!  I love the white cockpit interior as well.  


Well done! 

RE: artic hawk photos

What a beautiful boat! Your paint work makes what would be just another varnished plywood boat into a true work of art. - Wes

RE: artic hawk photos

Great job!  Where did you get the deck hatches?

RE: artic hawk photos

  Thanks I ordered the hatches from NC kayaks. There phone number is



RE: artic hawk photos

Great looking boat !!!! I wanted to ask you what type hatches you used. Whatever brand they are they look good on your boat. Did you use a spray gun to paint with? I built the Shearwater S & G last year and plan to build a hybird Night Heron next year. I think your hatches and paint job look really sharp and wanted to find out what methods and/or products you used to have everything turn out the way it did. Thanks, Mark.

RE: artic hawk photos

sorry, reading the thread I see all my questions have been answered. Look before you leap as they say.

RE: artic hawk photos



Go to tips for boatbuilders on CLC webpage and follow their instructions for painting ! worked fine for me.


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