deck trimming??

Building a mc16.5. I finished ataching the deck to the hall and am ready to trim the excess.  Has anyone used a hand held router or laminate router for this? If so tell procedure.

Thanks, Dick

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RE: deck trimming??


RE: deck trimming??

Just make sure the screw holding the ball bearing guide on the flush trim bit is tight. On construction of my Pocketship the guide flew off and the bit chewed into the forward cabin wall.

You can check the details here 

RE: deck trimming??

I've only got one boat under my belt (and no router) but I found that my neighbor's power planer worked like a charm. It worked great for straight, even sheer clamp planing and, once I had rough cut the deck, the planer worked great for trimming the excess. A router would be ideal and much safer but one must work with what they have:)



RE: deck trimming??

I "think" I'm going the router method.  I have all the bits and a couple routers to choose from.  The unknown is how well the bit will follow the sides as I go along that very curvy top (Chesy 17)...??? 

Short of that I'll revert to the low-angled block plane... that's working wonders on the sheer clamps!


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