killing time

I read all the descriptions and compared boats.

I went to the in water demo and tried out the boats. 

I've watched all the youtube videos. 

I've decided on the kit I'm getting (S&G Night Heron) 

I've got a little over 1/2 of the money saved up. (2 more paychecks ;) ) 

I'm ordering the zen of wooden kayak building next week.

I've got a few more weekend trips in rental sit on tops (which are just a horrible tease after paddling the night heron) 

I'm going stir crazy waiting to order my kit.

What do you guys do when you're waiting, it's killing me? 


-- James

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RE: killing time

Well I sit and read all the posts on building tips etc.  I'm a bit ahead of you My kit has been ordered and my shop is all ready.  :)

RE: killing time

The good news is your kit just went on sale!
For some ideas on building S&G boats, and mistakes to avoid, see my construction notes at

RE: killing time

Read all of these:

Every time you go to the Home Despot, buy some more clamps:)


Ogata, eric

RE: killing time

i just made a new set of sawhorse/slings, getting ready for my next build.  If you haven't done that, it's a step in the right direction....

RE: killing time


 Are we in a parallel universe?  Whi

We must live in a parallel universe!
While you were water testing "my" boat I might add (the night heron) I was in  Annapolis on vacation to test said yak.

I bought the hybrid night heron only so it could sit and wait untell I finish the remodelling job already started on the house. The little woman is pickky about having insulation in the house before the snow can you imagine????? Women cant she see I have a toy waiting for me to put together.

Mine is bought, paid for, sitting there tempting me.

Alas I have yet to sit in a night heron by land or by sea.

Killing time I would love to.

Switch places.... thats a thought.

Are you up for it?  

Serously thou how did she feel out on the water?

I had found out a week or so before that they were taking it on a west coast tour and it wouldnt be there while I was. I had thought about changing vacation times but there were so many other plans that coulndnt be changed that I just went with my gut feeling.

Still I wonder how I would have felt in the boat. We bought two plastic yaks last spring to see if we would even like it. But I wonder...... killing time opposite ends of the same stick.




RE: killing time



Thank you so much for your well documented journal of your project. In going through the forum archives, I found yours and a few others, beautifully done, with cost comparisons and notes on what can and will catch new people off guard. Thank you. I've read it over a few times and will read it again as I begin working on each section, to see if you or the few others who have dedicated a large portion of their time and energy into helping us newbs by documenting your own courses have discovered something that will help me on that section to get things done right the first time. Thank you. 




Read em all. I reread some of them occasionally. I think I spent too much time thinking and reading before commiting. I'm pretty sure I've just about covered this site across the board. :\ They are great though, and it was a great suggestion. Thanks :) 


-- James



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