Schooner Varnish - "skinning" over in open can

While finishing the cockpit of my CS 17, a semi-dried "skin" of varnish formed in the can between coats.  I decanted what I applied and sealed the can within a few minutes of openning it. 

I hear the skin is normal, but I don't know how to prevent and/or deal with it as I turn toward the exterior finish.  The main problem I had is that little chunks of the skin made their way to the boat as I applied subsequent coats.  If I'm going to do six coats top and bottom, that's 11 times I have to deal with this.

I assume that removing the skin will not change the composition of the varnish - that is I assume the skin is not from a single component of the matieral. 

Suggestions welcome. 

Dan - Victoria, MN



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RE: Schooner Varnish - "skinning" over in open can

Before resealing a can of varnish I add about a tablespoon of thinner carefully so that the thinner floats on top of the varnish.  The thinner keeps a skin from forming on the varnish by sealing it from the air and it should be good for a couple of weeks.  This works for oil-based paint, too.  Good luck.

RE: Schooner Varnish - "skinning" over in open can

I had a similar problem with my leftover thinned varnish that I kept in a screw-top jar.  I now use a disposable paint/varnish filter - basically a paper cone with a fine mesh.  Home Depot has them  in my neck of the woods (Colorado),  although I had to look pretty intently to find them.  I use the "medium" mesh filters.

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