Bow heavy - lightening end pour


I've just completed a CLC Chesapeake 17.  I made the end pour larger than required, and out of thickened epoxy instead of using micro-balloons.

So the bow is much heavier than I'd like.  What is the best way to rectify this?

At present, I am thinking of drilling through from the deck with an auger or spade bit, at an angle to cut out hollow tubes in the epoxy.  Then apply ply over the deck (or cut back deck and re-apply).

Any thoughts on this method, or other options?

Thanks in advance,

Melbourne, Australia

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RE: Bow heavy - lightening end pour

Bummer.  A lot of folks don't do endpours, saves weight - they cut a piece of wood for the ends, epoxy in, drill through for the handles.  And some use a piece of copper pipe, etc., to allow a sealed guide for carrying handles.

 That doesn't help you.  If you're doing endpours, your deck is on, correct?  I wonder how you can even reach it, to do anything, and especially, without damaging the boat.  Perhaps with a 'bump' someone knowledgeable (You out there, CLC?) will lend a hand.

RE: Bow heavy - lightening end pour

I guess you could try your plan and then cover the hole with some decorative element.  I think the likelyhood of damaging the boat in a bad way is pretty high.  Keep in mind the added weight is not really an issue once the boat is in the water. A little extra weight in the aft section should balance things.  Many high volume yaks (like the 17) are meant to carry a load and at times paddle a little better with extra weight on board.  I would try the boat on the water and experiment a bit first.

RE: Bow heavy - lightening end pour

Thanks for the replies.

I launched the boat today.  Apart from the bow weight when carrying it (doesn't balance on my shoulder at the cockpit too well, unless I'm right forward, and it weighs a bit). it performed admirably in the water.

I think the addition of a rudder and stern compartment (when hatch is cut) should counteract it.  And if nothing else, I can happily hit an iceberg with no worries :-)

So will see how I go, and wo't cut it open unless I have to.


RE: Bow heavy - lightening end pour

I wouldn't dare go cutting into the deck for this. I find it hard to believe an end pour could add so much weight to cause problems, unless you used like a quart of the stuff.

You do not need to use much epoxy and do not have to stand the boat on end like you see in the pics. I turn my boat upside down and angled it on milk crates for my end pour. You also do not need to drill so far back, I think 6" is recommended somewhere. That is too far. I also didn't want my grab loop dragging through the water, so I did a small end pour and drilled closer to the ends of the boat, worked out well.

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