cambered deck shearwater

Can I put a cambered deck ie tortured ply on the shearwater, such as on a CLC 17 or most of the other kayaks?

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RE: cambered deck shearwater

The shape of the deck, within reason, has little to do with boat performance. It does influence how the boat responds to wind, however. That said, the Shearwaters have a beautifully cambered deck, with the top panel tortured beyond all reason in two directions. To my artist's eye they are far more attractive than the straight cambered decks on the Chesapeakes.

RE: cambered deck shearwater

The short answer to Rev's question is - 'yes, but why'?   The three-piece deck of the Shearwater gives it great character (in my view - I recently completed one) and I didn't find that the top (I assume that TFA means centre) panel seemed to 'tortured' too much at all.   Certainly, towards the extreme bow there may be a tiny amount of multiple curving - up and across - but that gave no problems.

But then again, having said all that, why not???


RE: cambered deck shearwater

I did.

RE: cambered deck shearwater

Nice work Lew. How does the weight of your boat compare with the Shearwater? Mine is heavily built and came in at 46 pounds; I've heard of one that was only 41 pounds. -Wes

RE: cambered deck shearwater

Wes, Mine is also 41lb. The 3 mil. deck helped save some weight along with some other 'tricks'. The boat was built using the Shearwater 16 hybrid plans as a guide. Lew

RE: cambered deck shearwater

For what it's worth, I think the cambered deck looks incredible. How difficult is it to do something like that as opposed to the regular stitch and glue? I am most likely going to stay with a box stock kit for my first project, but I really like the sheerwater, and I think the cambered deck is a great look. :)


-- James

RE: cambered deck shearwater

James, The time consuming part was the 'exposed' sheer clamps. It has a rolling curve with rabbits cut to accept the sides and deck. I wanted a smooth curve- rouned chine at the sheer. It was made from 1 piece of western cedar shapped, cut in 1/2, bevels cut and then grooved. The deck beam is done as on a Chesapeake with really more curve then it needed = height. Difficult?- It's about planning, tools, measuring, checking, luck, confidence and a willingness to accept the outcome of your actions.


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