Yet Another Epoxy Question

Folks, last year at the '08 Okume Festival workshops at CLC in Annapolis, I won an MAS epoxy kit of Flag and Hardner.  I was just getting ready to build a Skerry, my first boat.  The kit was never used because I never knew what Flag was vs. Resin.  Now in another project (the RC Independence), a much smaller boat  :-) I wonder if I can substitute Flag for Resin in its construction if needed, if I run out of Resin for the completion of the kit?  The Flag and Hardner kit seems to be for quick repairs to an epoxied boat, but I don't know enough about epoxies to know if the two can even be applied over coats of the other.   Would appreciate any suggestions as to the use of this Flag and Hardner combination vs the Resin and Hardner mix, given that they are both two to one ratios.  Thanks!  Best,  Bob H>

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RE: Yet Another Epoxy Question

I havent heard of FLAG before so I had a look at the MAS website. You should find your answers there



RE: Yet Another Epoxy Question

Thanks Robert for your post.  I guess I shoulda' been smart enough to figure that out for myself.....duh!  best,  bob

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