faster stitching time

A buddy with whom I just built a couple of Chessies and who will later build some Pygmies turned me on to a very fast way to get stitching done fast and without blisters.

You use wire pullers made for the fence-making and aircraft trade. You grip the untwisted wire with the puller (about the size of pliers), draw it back, and the wire puller's spindle spins, twisting the stitch into a tight, smooth twist. 

We stitched each boat togehter in about ten minutes. 

The tool runs about $28. They're sold through Amazon. These happen to be made by MSR. A very good tool to speed up building time in building multiple boats or on a deadline in say a building class.  

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RE: faster stitching time

Wow - this almost sounds too good to be true!   Anybody else used this device: any disadvantages?   Could be well worth the investment!



RE: faster stitching time

Safety wire plyers are faster and fun to use the only disadvantage is it's easy to over tighten with them.

RE: faster stitching time

As a 22 year Air Force vet, safety wire pliers are very familiar and very easy to use. If you are careful, accidental overtightening is of little concern.

RE: faster stitching time

Just a question, as I didn't use safety wire pliers on my chessies and probably won't on my Mill Creek, I imagine.  But one thing I liked about putting the wires in the old-fashioned way and slowly drawing them up by hand is that I can easily check for fairness as I go, making small adjustments as needed.  With something that draws each stitch up quickly, aren't you running the risk of getting a hull that's not fair, and then having to go back and redo a bunch of stitches?  Just wondering ....

     -- Jim

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