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ok, so im in the process if refinishing a Chesapeak 17', and I have a resin question. The glass doesnt need to be re-done, but I want to resin it. here is my question, What resin can I mix graphite powder with? I want the black color, but I dont want to buy resin and it not work.


any help appreciated,


thanks, ryne

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RE: resin question

Any brand of epoxy can be added to the epoxy base mixed with graphite powder. If you know what was used on the build use the same thing.

I used the MAS low vis and slow hardener on my last build with great results.

The biggest problem is surface prep removing all of the wax, oils, sun tan lotions and who knows what else. Wash it with some dishwashing liquid in warm water and water rinse well before sanding. The surface should be sanded everywhere you plan to add epoxy that patch can be taped off before sanding randomly. 20 to 40% graphite powder mixed into the epoxy after it is mixed with your hardeners will leave the surface dull. an additional coat of epoxy will bring back the gloss if you want that look. 

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