Question on the oxford shell

I have just installed the decks on the oxford shell and do not see in the manual about fiberglassing the decks as it did on the MC13 I built. Is this not needed ?  Would there be any reason (besides adding some weight) not to?

 Also . What length skulls are recomended ?


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RE: Question on the oxford shell

I don't think the top is fiberglassed, at least I didn't fiberglass mine.  The disadvantage would be weight, and even though the boat is light for a wooden boat, it is still heavy enough that it is tough to pick up and carry from the water by yourself.  The boat seems just fine without a fiberglass top.


The sculls that I am familiar with are 289 cm.  At our rowing club, all the sculls are that length.  Sculls are adjustable as it relates to where the collar attaches, and you can buy some high performance sculls that actually can adjust the length + or - 5 cm. Usually, any adjustment is made by moving the collar rather than the length of the oar.  The major distinction is between sweep oars (each person with one oar) and sculling oars (each person with two).

RE: Question on the oxford shell

See the "Super Comp Lites" in the CLC catalog.  Tese sculls are 9'-6" long and VERY light.


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