Mill Creek 16.5

Awaiting my MC 16.5 kit. Any remarks regarding pitfalls etc? Have partnered on a 17 ft strip built Hiawatha canoe but this will be my first craft by myself.  Thanks for the input.


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RE: Mill Creek 16.5

Rod, if you have experience with a strip built hull, the standard MC 16.5 should pose no problem for you.  I have recently seen the completed CLC hybrid MC 16.5 with the strip deck, and it looks very sharp!

With modesty, let me suggest my blog, where I am in the midst of building a MC16.5.  Mosts posts have a video clip, so you can get an idea of what is in store for you.  There are plenty of other Mill Creek builders out there with blogs and advice, and I'm sure they'll chime in with answers if you run into a question.

Good luck!

RE: Mill Creek 16.5

Take your time when laying out and prepping to glue up the skarf joints on the shear panels.  and follow to the letter the formula for mixing epoxy, 2 to 1...and the mix time.

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