Temp dropped overnight after gluing scarfs

I had the workroom temp around 62 yesterday when gluing the scarf joints. Left space heater and worklight on overnight. checked this morning and space heater was off but light (used to heat midships scarf joint was fine. Temp at scarf astern was 49F, so it dropped 13 degrees overnight. Have reset portable heater away from that scarf just to get overall room temp up to mid-50's today while I am at work. Am concerned about stern scarf joint. Any thoughts. Should I just leave and hope it cures by July 4?

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RE: Temp dropped overnight after gluing scarfs

Can't see any problems. Lower temps just mean longer curing time and we're talking hours or days here not weeks. As long as the epoxy is hard, you're good.

RE: Temp dropped overnight after gluing scarfs

I have been fighting the same temperature battle - one day the outside temp will be 60+ the next day it will be 30 something... I have been using an electric space heater (Can't wait for my next bill) to help keep the temp up in the garage on the cold days; but I never really felt comfortable leaving it running unattended overnight. For the most part I have been working on the warmer days... but I have done a few bedtime epoxy applications and just waited until the day after next to be safe and it has all worked out fine.

RE: Temp dropped overnight after gluing scarfs

Temp dropping = more curing time.

That's tons better than the temp rising and having to sand all the bubbles out of an out-gassing hull/deck.

Be patient and your scarfs will cure in time.

OR, next time use a hardened that works better in lower temps.

Two options with different problems associated    ie: longer wait or shorted pot life.

RE: Temp dropped overnight after gluing scarfs

Good advice, lower temp = longer curing time.

About the heater, I cannot see a portable aelectric doing much of anything useful in a garage and certainly would never leave it running overnight unattended. No portable should be left to run unattended.

I use a Mr Heater, they mount on a standard barbeque propane tank. They heat up the room in short order even on the lowest setting. They are also inexpensive. Warmer working temps mean longer working temps mean shorter curing times.

RE: Temp dropped overnight after gluing scarfs

If all you're worried about is one joint, a heat lamp will work fine. This is just one of those incandescent bulbs used in restaurants to keep the food warm until the server takes it to the table. It's a couple of dollars at the hardware store.

Just shine it on the scarf joint and it'll warm up enough for an overnight cure. For less extreme situations, a 100 watt lightbulb is good, too.

In the picture below, I've got 2 bulbs aimed at my WD12 to speed the cure in a cold garage. It worked very well.


Building a Wood Duck 12


RE: Temp dropped overnight after gluing scarfs

Thanks everyone. The option I am using this week is an extra does of patience which will help with the extra curing time + 100W bulb + stay late at work so I will not be inclined to mess around with it. And, I am getting an extra eater for the overall work area so I don't have to deal with the problem again since there is a lot of epoxy and varnish in my future. Dave

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