shearwater vs petrel

Hi guys,

Seriously considering next build.  Have built Chess. Lt 16 & 17.  Looking for more performance oriented boat for day trips. Like the idea of a strip built. 

Does anyone want to weigh in on the differences.  To give you an idea where i am as a paddler, I am considering trying to learn to roll.  Haven't yet but have practiced self and assisted rescues.  Paddle mostly on the hudson river or Long Island Sound, but not if too blustery.  If I build a stripper may have to build a different type of paddle to go with it.

Any comments welcome.



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RE: shearwater vs petrel

Shearwater is not the most stable boat. I suppose that could equate to performance to some. The boat excels and is fast into a headwind, the complete opposite in a tailwind and it will try to force the boat abeam. In wide open water like the Long Island Sound, you may want to consider a rudder if you will be doing any distance, to help out with the tailwind.

Great boat for calm waters and local, sheltered rivers.

Good looking boat!

RE: shearwater vs petrel

love the shearwater fast and i think its stable i put in  a skeg  for severe crosswinds but havent had to use it yet i wouldnt recomend a rudder as it respondes well to edging its a very easy build and you could still do the hybrid deck though ive got to say most of the strip built boats ive seen dont look as nice as the plywood

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