graphite for abrasion resistance

I need some guidance/advise concerning the use of graphite for abrasion resistance.  From previous posts it appears that the recommended ratio of graphite to epoxy is 1:1.  My problem is that the manufacturer of my kit recommends 1part graphite to 10 parts epoxy.  The manufacturer indicates that two coats are required.  The manufacturer also states that the use of medium hardener produces a harder epoxy than the use of a slow hardener.  Has anyone any experience or obsevered any difference in the hardness of epoxy due to the use of different speed hardeners?


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RE: graphite for abrasion resistance

I've used various mix ratios, the last one being 1:1. The ones with less graphite were harder and protected better against sand. The ones with more graphite were softer, but protected better against rocks and oyster shells.

When you're using 1:10, the graphite is basically just a coloring agent and you're counting on the hardness of the epoxy layer to protect your boat. With the higher ratios you're actually making the bottom more slippery so that it slides over the rocks and shells, instead of letting them get a purchase and starting a gouge.

Two coats sounds right. Depending on the thickness of the coats, even three is reasonable.

Never heard of the hardener speeds affecting the ultimate hardness, but that could be plausible, depending on the chemistries involved. If so, it may be specific to a certain brand of epoxy/hardener.

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RE: graphite for abrasion resistance

Thanks Laszlo.  I had a feeling I could depend on your experience. Am I correct in assuming that you used Silver Tip and slow hardener for your graphite mix.


RE: graphite for abrasion resistance

I've used S3 Marine & fast, medium & slow, S3 Silvertip & slow and Marinepoxy & medium.



RE: graphite for abrasion resistance - UV?

Two questions about the Graphite Epoxy mix.

 1) what about UV?  We varnish or paint plain epoxy to give it UV protection, does the Graphite provide UV or is this simply a case of can't paint it so have to live with it?

2) Has anyone tried this on a Skin on Frame boat?

RE: graphite for abrasion resistance

1. The graphite provides the UV protection

2. I haven't



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