Sailrigs in Oz???

I see some recent new posts on this subject - I had earlier been shown photos of what I now know to be Casey's super-looking craft, which really sparked my interest as a multi-hull sailor from way back.   I'd like to contemplate this as a possible future project, maybe using the current build Ches 17LT as the platform, but would want to see one in the flesh, so to speak.

Is anyone aware of any Sailrigs here in Oz?   John @ CLC - have you shipped any Sailrig plans to Oz in recent times, and if so could you put the buyers in touch with us/ me (I know and totally endorse that you cannot give out customer names, but maybe the reverse might work?).

Which kind of reminds me of an old saying from my catamaran days - there are three kinds of boat: a boat: half-a-boat: a boat-and-a-half (I guess the Sailrig fits in here!).



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