EPOXY in C O L D Weather

I need to put this shop tip back out front, viz the recent thread on epoxy in cold weather.  It IS a challenge to work with epoxy if you're shop is below room temperature.  But the challenge is easily surmounted.

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Winter Boatbuilding Tips

 The invaluable work lamp


I'm thinking of buying a few cases of incandescent light bulbs, against the time when we can only buy CFLs.  (Not that there's anything wrong with CFLs.)

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RE: EPOXY in C O L D Weather

Once incandescents are gone for lighting, they should still be available in the form of heat lamps, like the ones used in retaurants to keep the food warm between cooking & serving.



RE: EPOXY in C O L D Weather

There are also specific bulbs designed for heating and rated for specific heating temperatures, that are intended for reptile habitats.  They're a lot more expensive than incandescents though.


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