Shearwater 17 Hybrid strip-plank deck construction

I will soon start construction on my Shearwater 17 hybrid, with cedar strip-planked deck.   Under the Shearwater Hybrid heading, this excellent website has a thread on the Construction Gallery for this craft which comprises no fewer than 87 photographs of the various stages of constructing the deck.   Unfortunately there are no explanatory words, which makes it a bit less than totally useful.   Some of the photos are quite clear and easily understandable, while many if not most are quite obscure, particularly in terms of what the builder is doing at that particular stage, and why.

 Is there anyone out there who could review these photos and send me his/ her interpretation of just what is being done in the more obscure shots?   There is one section where the builder is inserting some ‘fancy’ design elements, which I am not interested in, so feel free to skip this section!   (Strangely, this is one of the easier-to-follow segments!). I will gratefully acknowledge every response, which you may prefer to send to my home e-mail so as not to clog-up this builders’ website.   I am on Finally, I have read somewhere that putting together the strip-plank deck is done with white wood glue rather than epoxy: is this correct – it would probably make things easier, although both the underside and top of the deck are clothed and epoxied in the final stages.   And does anyone have a rudder design for this craft – the raked-up stern deckline and sharp forward slope to the stern itself (transom) make it a bit tricky – but I’d prefer to make my own rather than buy a custom set-up. Many thanks for considering your possible advice… Lol from sunny Australia.

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